building a strong people success strategy

Building a Strong People Success Strategy

Without people success, there is no business success. In every company, employees are the ones driving progress — adapting, innovating, and finding new ways of working together to advance your mission.

Now more than ever, organizations should invest in aligning, engaging, and motivating employees to do their best work.

In this webinar, we sit down with two Lattice People Advisory Services experts to cover:

  • The key pillars that make people feel successful
  • Eight behaviors and principles that are essential to nurturing people success
  • Tactics for incorporating these insights into your people strategy

Managing Cultural Change in the Workplace with OKRs

The shift to hybrid work. Spikes in growth. COVID-related challenges. It’s no secret that the past few years have been full of change. As a result, many companies have struggled to maintain a great culture — and when culture suffers, so can performance. The good news is that OKRs, a tried-and-true way of improving performance, can also help manage the effect of change on your culture. In this webinar, we chat with Lawrence Walsh of There Be Giants about how OKRs can transform company culture — and how to set them up at your organization.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

– The three key components to creating a great OKR-driven culture
– How to tackle the biggest challenges of implementing culture change

The Importance of Self-Care for HR: How to cultivate mindfulness for you and your People teams

In our recent State of People Strategy survey, HR professionals told us loud and clear: they are overworked, under-resourced, and burning out. What’s behind the burnout?

Increased workload, unexpected work, uncertainty amid the pandemic, and being understaffed all contributed to this feeling. People teams are always taking care of others, but who will take care of them?

 During this session, we invite experts from Calm and [email protected] Consulting to discuss:

  • Mindfulness and other tactics that can make up your HR Mental Health Toolkit
  • Sustainable working strategies to improve work-life integration vs balance and for setting boundaries

Lattice Lunch: A CPO’s Guide to Setting Effective HR Team Goals

After two years of unprecedented challenges, HR teams are understandably a little unsure how to best plan for the year ahead in 2022. How do you leverage this year’s learnings, your HR analytics, and industry trends to build out a strategic set of goals for your team? How do you see around corners and adapt accordingly when the next big challenge comes?

We invite Kickstarter Chief People Officer Mai Ton, author of the new book Come into My Office: Stories from an HR Leader in Silicon Valley, to sit down with us and give us insights into how she sets her own team’s strategic plan and answer your questions.

Lattice Lunch: Investing in ERGs for True DE&I Impact

In 2020, many companies prioritized DE&I initiatives highly as social-justice issues became top of mind with their employees, and a popular program many companies adopted was creating or growing Employee Resource Groups for marginalized groups of employees. But just starting up ERGs isn’t enough to really make them a powerful part of building a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

Companies are starting to realize that ERGs with little backing and support aren’t able to drive real change within their organizations, so companies like LinkedIn, Twitter, and JustWorks are pushing efforts like pay for ERG leads, budgets for ERG programming, and executive sponsorship to give ERGs real power.

In this Lattice Lunch, we’ll chat with Lattice’s own People Partner Director Mia Remar and Lattice’s DE&I Advisor Jen Chau Fontán about how Lattice built out its ERG program and talk through the tactics that really supercharge an ERG program to help them become groups with impact.

Lattice Lunch: The Value of Cultivating High-EQ Leaders

As company leaders and HR leaders, we all want to help our companies build high-performing teams while also building great cultures that make them a great place to work. But in this year of intense change and adaptation to new ways of working, how do you keep those goals of high performance and high engagement on track? It all starts with cultivating self-aware, emotionally intelligent managers and leaders.

In this Lattice Lunch session, we talk with Kristen Lisanti, Chief Culture Officer for the integrated communications agency BCW, about her approach to cultivating high-EQ leadership. We’ll go over the traits and behavioral shifts of great leaders, why we want to be wary of “wellness” programs in this moment, and simple tools you can put into practice with leaders within your organizations.

Lattice Lunch: Investing in Caregiving and Leading with Empathy

There’s no doubt that 2020 threw a lot of new challenges at us as companies, but it’s also forced us to look inward at our people and hopefully learn to lead with empathy. There’s a whole new playbook for leaders and managers to help make room for the needs of caregivers as well as personal care.

How do you as an HR leader help create space and initiatives within your organizations to make those employees in need feel seen? We’ll explore what needs you should be planning for in 2021, and talk about the basics and bigger ideas to help be that force for change.

How 2020’s New World of Work Impacted HR Teams

Lattice surveyed hundreds of HR leaders from their customers and community, asking them what their teams and priorities look like after 2020’s incredible challenges. We’ll look at how their teams are evolving, their biggest learnings from a year full of change, their priorities, and what we can learn from them as they look ahead to next year.

Check out the full State of People Strategy Report 2020

Lattice Lunch: Committing to DE&I as a Business Strategy

Join Ulysses Smith, Head of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging at Blend, and Annette Cardwell, Head of Content at Lattice, for an exclusive discussion on the importance of making diversity, equity, and inclusion a part of your business strategy.

Perfecting The Feedback Loop For Recruiting And Retention

Creating a consistent and productive feedback culture between People Operations, Management, and employees is critical to building a predictable workforce plan and retaining great talent. 

Unfortunately, many organizations fall into a trap because stakeholders tend to work in a relative vacuum, which can be made even worse with distributed teams. 

This webinar is hosted by Lattice & Hired, featuring Sprout Social, to learn long-term recruiting and performance management foundations that will improve tenure.

Key Learnings 

  • Building your talent management dream team
  • Sharing data to improve alignment
  • Empowering managers to recruit and retain top talent