State of People Strategy: Delivering HR Results in Times of Change

Over the last three years, organizations navigated a global pandemic, the switch to remote work, and a Great Resignation. Next in line: economic uncertainty, inflation, and a potential recession. For some HR leaders, it’s all in a day’s work.

So, what’s their secret? The 2023 State of People Strategy Report distills the perspectives, priorities, and challenges of the highest-performing HR teams around the world. Lattice surveyed over 800 leaders on the issues that matter most to today’s workplaces, from pay transparency to hybrid work — and we can’t wait to share the results with you.

Join us as ​​Andy Przystanski, Content Marketing Lead at Lattice, and Farrah Mitra, Leadership Development + Executive Coach at Green Reed, discuss the report’s key findings and their implications for your team and organization at large.

You’ll learn:

  • Why the majority of HR leaders are prioritizing retention over talent acquisition
  • Why the pay-for-performance model has gained popularity (and what that means for engagement)
  • Why compensation transparency is mission-critical for modern companies

Empowering Managers in the New World of Work

Last year, companies and their HR teams received a crash course in the importance of manager-employee communication. Teams grappled with personal and professional uncertainty, mental health challenges, and the pivot to remote work. With no warning and little training, managers had to rise to the occasion.

It’s time for people leaders to reflect on lessons learned. From one-on-ones to weekly mental health check-ins, what crisis-time tactics should companies continue to lean on moving forward? Empathy, self-awareness, and an understanding of behavioral data are more important now than ever — especially for managers of remote employees. In this webinar, we’ll discuss the best practices and tools that HR teams can implement to empower managers and, in turn, everyone else.

How HR and Managers Can Drive Employee Career Growth in 2021

In a recent Lattice survey of over 1,000 HR professionals, learning and development emerged as a top priority for next year. As hiring slows or is frozen for many companies, the need to grow the top talent within their existing teams becomes more important.

In this webinar, Lattice and Torch will look at developing talent growth plans for employees, how managers can lead development conversations, and training and coaching strategies to help high-potential employees reach their career-growth goals.

Maintaining Company Culture in Times of Change

2020 has brought big and unexpected changes for almost every business, whether it’s managing new remote work requirements, introducing a new management team, or facing the need to expand or downsize. But no matter what change or crisis your organization experiences, keeping company culture consistent is essential for maintaining employee engagement.

To learn how you can maintain your company culture in times of change, join Cassie Whitlock from BambooHR and Andy Przystanski from Lattice for a free webinar. They will share key insights including:

  • How to build a strong culture foundation
  • How to effectively communicate action plans
  • How to keep employees engaged through major changes
  • How managers can manage change with employees on an individual level