RfH Virtual Conference — Sep, 2021
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Our fantastic speakers are what make Lattice’s conference a must-attend event.

Last fall, 20,000 attendees tuned in from all over the world for our conference to hear and learn from HR leaders from Asana, Postmates, Anaplan, Webflow, Reddit, Buffer, and more.

As we plan out our agenda for RfH Virtual 2021, we’re looking to expand our network of speakers and experts. This year’s theme is Lead with Empathy. Following an unprecedented year of hardship, 2021 is a year of recovery and adapting to the "new normal" for many companies and their employees. We’re looking for speakers who are ready to share their stories about empathetic leadership in their workplaces and how they’ve continued to drive performance while maintaining strong cultures. If that’s you, apply today! 

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40+ speakers,
20,000 HR attendees,
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