Remote People Management

Help your teams perform their best

— even when everyone is remote

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Jack Altman
CEO Lattice
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“I don’t know what we would have done without Lattice. There’s no way we could have managed shifting to remote without it.”
Julia Karnezis
Director of People Experience
at TopSpot

Everything your managers need to support remote teams

  • Collaborative one-on-one agendas, notes, and recommended talking points for productive conversations
  • Weekly updates from direct reports and public updates from leaders to keep the team informed
  • Pulse checks to measure and act on employee sentiment
  • Goals that keep the team aligned, accountable, and give execs the visibility they need
People Management For the Changed World of Work

Lattice 1:1s, Updates and Feedback are every manager’s key tools to support remote teams

Real-time insights about your people

Lattice Engagement is your dashboard for knowing how you can help your employees right now.



One question to get to the heart of your employee experience — Included with Lattice Engagement

Crisis Response Survey Template

Purpose-built solutions to understand how your people are dealing with COVID-19 and doing everything from home.

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