Additional Lattice Resources

Looking for more resources to continue to build your People Strategy?
Check out these additional Lattice guides for more expert advice.

The Ultimate Guide to Employee Development

How to use job levels, competencies, and growth plans to make career advancement crystal clear.

How to Turn Engagement Survey Results Into Action

HR's guide to analyzing survey results and implementing change.

HR's Complete Guide to Employee Performance Reviews

Ensure performance reviews are effective and impactful, both for your employees and your business, and create a process with clear objectives and less bias.

How to Use Real-Time Engagement to Build a Winning Culture

A better way to monitor, assess, and improve engagement across your organization.

People Program Models

Combining best practices across multiple organizational parameters, Lattice's People Program Models help HR teams select a timing framework best suited to the needs of them company — including around timing for setting and reviewing goals, conducting performance reviews, and running engagement surveys.

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