Simple, yet engaging for employees

Giving feedback, setting goals and preparing for 1:1s, often feels like work on top of work. We’ve streamlined the employee experience to make it easy to participate - and have built Lattice on top of apps you use every day like Gmail, Outlook & Slack.

Employee Profile Pages

One profile page for all of your actions.

Task list

Understand exactly what you need to work on

Plan 1:1s

Easy access and reminders to create an agenda for an upcoming 1:1

Ask and get feedback

Request and give feedback to an employee right from a profile page

Dynamic header

Header changes colors and message as the day progresses, to provide a refreshing feel to employees

Track updates

Write and see past weekly updates to see progression over time

See goals

Everyone in the organization can see what an employee is focusing on

Different views

Employees and peers see a different style profile page to keep sensitive information private

Org chart

See exactly where an employee sits within an organization and who they report to

Remember feedback

Employees can see current and past reviews & real-time feedback to remember what they need to work on

Lattice integrates where you already work

Share feedback with context

Performance Management Resources