Pilot enables US companies to onboard and pay employees and contractors worldwide, in one secure, cloud-based platform. Send payments to contractors in 240+ countries, with no markup fees. Pilot believes that international contractors should have the same payroll experience that US employees enjoy. We send payments directly to contractors’ bank accounts, without requiring an e-wallet. Want to hire employees instead? With Pilot, you can hire full-time employees in 160+ countries without having to set up local entities. Pilot handles employment paperwork, tax withholding, and more.

Remote helps with international payroll, benefits, taxes, stock options, and compliance for businesses big and small.

Scoop empowers organizations to get the most out of their hybrid work environments. Get the tools and data you need to optimize operational spending while providing employees with the flexibility to do their best work from anywhere. Scoop offers a multi-platform software solution that facilitates flexible attendance tracking, safety protocol enforcement, desk & capacity management, and team coordination. Scoop provides you with all the tools, data, and insights you need to effectively manage flexible work.

LEAD.bot can match thousands of colleagues in groups of 2-7 bi/weekly, for various informal conversation programs such as coffee chat, peer mentorship, buddy program, DE&I discussion, and executive lottery; across departments, offices and timezones right in Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Lingo Live provides one-on-one Skills-Based Coaching customized to employees’ needs and aligned to company goals. Our coaches specialize in coaching teams at geographically distributed companies that are driving innovation.

Localyze is the leading technology platform to support all of your Visa and Relocation needs. We use a combination of technology and highly knowledgeable humans to make the entire visa and relocation process super simple for HR teams while creating an incredible experience for your new employees. Since our inception we have managed over 3,000 relocation processes for some of the best known tech companies.

Hiring in new states is painful. You have to register with multiple agencies, each state is different, and there are penalties for getting it wrong. Plus, you’ll need to continue managing your ongoing compliance with each state to stay in good standing.

When companies are struggling to find the right candidate in their countries, a great option is find them anywhere in the world and Ontop takes care of formalizing the relationship with the candidate through independent contractor agreements, take care of the compliance and payments of the international team. Our payments are made through our wallet, each person hired through us has an Ontop wallet so they’re gonna receive their payment in USD and be able to send the money to bank accounts in almost every country in the world, or crypto or other wallets.

Oyster is an end-to-end global HR platform. We excel at the core of global employment: hiring, payroll, and total rewards; plus we aspire to serve and educate companies and team members in acquiring great talent and caring for them throughout their employee lifecycle. Oyster is delightful to use, thanks to best-in-class software and our trustworthy, transparent global employment infrastructure. Oyster is Human-centric: We build solutions and share knowledge to guide HR leaders and the global workforce in how to thrive with a distributed organization.

Companies are struggling with retention and engagement. When employees feel connected to their day-to-day, they are happier and more productive team members. Epoch is an employee experience platform that unifies all employee programs and internal comms. People teams from Stack Overflow, Credit Karma, Data Dog and more use Epoch every day to enable their culture, internal comms, learning, and employee engagement programs.