MainStreet automatically identifies, claims, and advances tax credits on behalf of startups. Startups on average get $80,000 cash back for R&D tax credits that they would have missed otherwise. The whole process takes 20 minutes! Why work with us? Time saved: Same services would take an accountant 40+ hours. Cash Advance: We advance 40% of your credit value interest-free now as opposed to waiting 12-18 months for the IRS. Guarantee: $1M MainStreet guarantee, if you get audited we will cover the cost, the audit, and the time in order to fix it. No cost, No risk, cancel at any time

OneLogin’s Trusted Workforce Identity solution provides everything you need for modern identity strategy that is smart, secure, and provides a seamless experience for your end-user employees. It delivers the ability to connect all of your applications–in the cloud or on-premises–and all of your workers in one centralized location. Additionally, we provide advanced functionality by leveraging machine learning to deliver smart, context-aware and on-demand threat intelligence that learns about your unique business as it continues to grow

Companies are struggling with retention and engagement. When employees feel connected to their day-to-day, they are happier and more productive team members. Epoch is an employee experience platform that unifies all employee programs and internal comms. People teams from Stack Overflow, Credit Karma, Data Dog and more use Epoch every day to enable their culture, internal comms, learning, and employee engagement programs.

The GoodTime scheduling platform provides the following capabilities: Multi-timezone calendar support (globally), multi-panel interview management, in platform interviewer training, client configured templates for communicating with candidates and interviewers, built-in interview analytics and insights – load balance, time to interview, interviewer performance and more…, multi-day interview scheduling management, client defined “tags” to group calibrated interviewers based on technical expertise, DE&I groups, executives, etc., room scheduling, built in round-up sessions