Plato is a SaaS mentorship platform that connects tech professionals with the people and resources they need to be successful at every stage of their career.

Sounding Board, Inc is a scalable leadership development platform, combining technology and coaching to drive business impact for global enterprises. Sounding Board offers both 1:1 and group coaching virtually through an industry-leading Coaching Management System (CMS) designed to lift administrative burden and make coaching manageable, measurable, and scalable. We streamline workflows and provide one centralized place for business leaders to collaborate, capture insights, and track progress as well as an automation layer that does the heavy lifting and coach matching for you.

Torch is the People Development Platform that harnesses the power of trusted relationships to fuel employee growth. By combining coaching, mentoring, and collaborative learning with modern behavioral science and scalable technology, Torch helps organizations seamlessly design, manage, and measure programs that drive employee development. Leading brands like Genentech, American Express, Allstate, and Reddit use Torch to develop their employees, create stronger leaders, and improve business results.

WorkRamp is the all-in-one LMS solution to help you cross-pollinate content and resources across teams to save time & money, increase revenue performance and retain talent & customers. We’ve got everything you need to onboard, train and develop your employees, customers, and partners.

Hone provides high-impact live classes that are delivered virtually to small groups of learners in a cohort-based setting. Class content is research-backed, curriculum-based, and taught by world-class experts. In addition, learners have access to integrated assessments, asynchronous resources, and live peer-to-peer practicing opportunities to reinforce behavior change after each private class. The company’s administrator has access to insights and reporting to monitor and evaluate learners’ progress throughout the journey.

LearnUpon LMS enables businesses to create courses and deliver them how they want – mandatory or self-selected, with assessments, surveys, and more. Portals allow the training of multiple audiences – employees, partners, and customers – in distinct environments in the LMS. With automation, training tasks, like user creation and enrollments, can be managed at scale. For learners, an intuitive UI, mobile apps, and features like Gamification, Notifications, and Certifications make learning simple to do. Critically, all training is tracked, so businesses can measure the impact of their programs.

LifeLabs Learning is the go-to leadership skills accelerator for 1,000+ innovative companies (like Warby Parker, TED, Reddit, GoPro, and The New York Times). We train managers and teams in ‘tipping point skills’ — small changes that make a big impact on performance and engagement — and help weave them into the fabric of company culture. Our learning experiences are short, fun, science-backed, and immediately practical.

Lingo Live provides one-on-one Skills-Based Coaching customized to employees’ needs and aligned to company goals. Our coaches specialize in coaching teams at geographically distributed companies that are driving innovation.

Courses. Microlessons. Remediation. Reinforcement.
300+ skills-focused modules. Delivered as pre-packaged courses or over time. 300+ multi-actor/multi-camera video scenes, bandwidth sensitive, full-screen videos of real workplace situations. Dialogue-driven learning and social polling go beyond information transfer to behavior change. Analytics that measure the social dynamics underneath employee engagement scores. Benchmark in the world of competitive talent and retention. Research-based recommendations to strengthen your culture.

GrowthSpace was founded on the belief that the future of learning and development is data-driven, measurable, and personalized for every employee. If you had to create a development program for a single employee, you’d define their challenge, find an expert to meet that challenge, connect the two, and measure the results at the end of that program. GrowthSpace allows you to do just that, at scale, for employees at every level of the organization. The GrowthSpace platform is powered by an algorithm backed by real-world skill mapping, ensuring the perfect matches between employees and experts.