Orgnostic is the people analytics platform that provides HR and leadership with high-quality organizational insights and reporting about talent acquisition, turnover, talent management, and DE&I. In essence the platform automatically links scattered HR data from multiple sources such as HRIS, ATS, PMS etc. It then audits the data and enriches it by allowing to automate employee surveys to gain premium insights into people metrics. The platform helps CHROs and management quickly gain visibility on important organizational metrics and make data-enabled people decisions.

Eqtble is a people analytics platform that instantly delivers curated insights from across your people tools. Eqtble connects to your existing HR systems and provides actionable insights with curated analytics. With a single platform, companies use eqtble to understand their DEI, engagement, attrition and hiring.
Eqtble requires zero lift from your team and includes the ability to track your company’s metrics against external benchmarks. Once you’ve defined the key metrics for your company, you can set, track, and analyze your goals right within the app.
Build custom reports using eqtble’s intuitive report builder and finally tell the story the way you want. Eqtble also works in the background to check your company’s data health and recommend ways to improve so you can get the most out of your HR ecosystem.

Ashby is a recruiting platform that enables high growth companies to hire more efficiently by combining features for the entire recruiting process, from sourcing to offer.

Crosschq created the Talent Intelligence Cloud™ with the mission to help the world build diverse, winning teams. From automated reference checks to new talent sourcing, pulse surveys, and AI-driven Quality of Hire measurement, Crosschq is empowering talent leaders to make bias-free, data-driven hiring decisions, fast

Employee Cycle is an Employee Data Platform that transforms disconnected employee data into a user-friendly, centralized, and real-time HR analytics dashboard. By leveraging APIs from a wide variety of best-in-breed HR systems, we provide a single data-driven view of the entire workforce. This allows HR leaders to better identify, communicate, and solve workforce problems (ex: turnover costs, lack of diversity, gender pay inequality, poor employer brand, etc), avoid risks, and save costs.