give and request feedback

If you’re not paying attention to whether performance feedback is being shared in an effective way at your organization, it could mean you’re not getting the most out of your people.

So how do you ensure feedback is effective and impactful, both for your employees and your business? How can you create a culture with less bias, built on a foundation of continuous feedback? This simple and interactive workbook gives you the tools to help employees, managers, and leaders become feedback champions.

first time manager

Being a first-time manager can be tough — and performance reviews can seem like a bridge too far. This workbook is designed to support new managers as they navigate the process of conducting performance reviews for the first time.

We’ll walk you through the three stages of effective performance evaluations, including preparing for the review, conducting the review, and following up after the review. By making your way through this workbook, you’ll start your first cycle of performance appraisals feeling calm, well-prepared, and ready to give your team clear and comprehensive feedback.

top hr trends 2023

Top HR Trends and Predictions for 2023

Over the past year, People teams have navigated it all: from economic uncertainty and quiet quitting to the rising demands for employee engagement and pay transparency. What’s next for HR in 2023? Join Lattice’s Chief People Officer, Cara Allamano, as she sits down with Natalie Breece, Chief People and Diversity Officer at thredUP, to discuss their predictions for what People teams will be prioritizing in the coming year.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:
  • Balance employee performance and experience
  • Increase manager engagement and retention
  • Navigate the nuances of pay transparency
  • Improve hybrid work strategies
compensation philosophy

Building a Purpose Driven Compensation Philosophy

hr insurance ebook

Employee growth powers every high-performing organization, fostering employee engagement, increased job satisfaction, innovation, and retention — all of which benefit your bottom line. 

So, what can insurance companies do to encourage employee growth? In this ebook, we’ll share actionable strategies for implementing HR tools that make a difference, supporting employees across their entire lifecycle, and preparing for the future of work.

compensation conversations

Compensation Conversations

Reinventing HR’s Outdated Reputation

HR teams are not what they once were…the HR function has evolved dramatically in recent years and is now doing and delivering more than ever before.

But many peoples’ perceptions of HR haven’t kept pace with the realities of this brave new world of people success.

In episode three of our For The Love of People series, Managing Director of HR Star, Kelly Tucker, joins us to share the insights, tips and tricks she’s learned on her journey to reinventing HR’s outdated reputation.

Kelly has a strong presence on Linkedin where she’s been challenging some of HR’s more outdated stereotypes and shining light on some of the blind spots for some time, so we can’t wait to hear what we uncover during our deep dive.

In this webinar we discuss

  • HR’s image makeover in recent years
  • The pros and cons on in-house vs outsourced HR teams
  • The common challenges most businesses share
  • Why you can’t ignore red flags (even from your top performers)
  • How to avoid the New Year resignation rush

The 20 Year Journey to Defining Our People Strategy

Building a people strategy that creates and sustains a high-performing and results-driven environment, in which talented people can achieve outstanding results, isn’t a race.

As Premo Ojokojo, Global Head of People Operations at AZA Finance, will attest, defining a winning people management strategy is a journey.

Join us for the second webinar in our For the Love of People series. Premo will share valuable insights into how AZA Finance built what has been termed ‘AZAwatu’ culture — where every person feels empowered to bring their best self to work and operate as a diverse and yet completely unified team.

Highs and Lows on the Journey to Holistic HR

We want to help your company pay off its ‘people debt’. Join Lattice and the founders of People Collective – experts in designing scalable people strategies – for an exclusive holistic HR webinar.

Get an unfiltered look at the challenges faced, advice from battle scars picked up along the way, and learnings you can apply to help your company.

for the love of people webinar

Moving to Employee-Ownership (and doubling profits in the process)