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How managers can deliver employee fe­edback to grow their team and accomplish goals

Employee feedback is one of the most powerful tools available to managers. By telling your employees how well they’re performing and what they could be doing to be even more effective, they can continue to develop new skills and become better in their roles.

Despite this, a number of managers refrain from giving any feedback—even positive praise. Overall, 65% of employees say they don’t receive enough feedback from their managers. And they’re not just fishing for compliments; studies show that workers actually prefer receiving negative feedback over praises. While that might seem surprising, one can see their thought process: In order to set goals moving forward, employees need to know where they have room to grow.

If you’re not keen on being the bearer of bad news, you’re not alone. Most managers aren’t too excited about the idea of telling their teams what they’re doing wrong. But if you want to continue to grow your team and accomplish the goals you’ve outlined, you’re much better off sharing constructive criticism—no matter how difficult that might be.Howyou deliver that feedback is sometimes just as important as the feedback itself.

Tips on delivering feedback:

Making employee feedback work

Adobe’s managers give feedback to their teams by setting clear expectations, giving feedback regularly, and having conversations that focus on growth and development.

But ultimately, in order to build the strongest team possible, you need to get into the habit of sharing positiveandnegative feedback on a regular basis. It’s that simple.

As you begin developing the plans for a new and improved feedback program, keep these tips top of mind to increase the chances your efforts succeed:

Pro tip: Whenever you’re giving feedback to your employees, be sure to open the floor up so they can share their thoughts on the issues you raise. The more collaborative your feedback program is, the better results you’re likely to realize.

With a strong feedback program in place, your employees will continue to improve over time—making it easier to hit your goals. As you rack up and more accomplishments, you’ll be able to grow your team and deliver even more victories for your company.