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Lattice Named One of the Fortune’s Best Workplaces for Women™ in 2022

We’re thrilled to announce that Great Places to Work and Fortune magazine have honored Lattice with 8th place on the 2022 Best Workplaces for Women.

This award recognizes Lattice as one of the best companies for women to work for, and we’re proud to have our culture as one that strives to create an inclusive, supportive and positive employee experience for all Latticians.

To determine the Best Workplaces for Women, Great Place to Work analyzed the survey responses of over 640,000 women who work for Great Place to Work-Certified™ companies that employ at least 50 women.

“At Lattice, it’s a key focus for us to remove barriers and bias for employees across industries as they build, evolve, and lead the new wave of work,” said Dini Mehta, Chief Revenue Officer and executive sponsor of the Women at Lattice Employee Resource Group. “And it’s just as important for us to make this a reality internally as well. That’s why we work hard to create a positive work culture where all employees feel valued, heard, and empowered, and embody the intent and focus we put into diversity, equity and inclusion through our ERGs and other initiatives.”

The Fortune Best Workplaces for Women list is highly competitive. It’s the only company culture award in America that selects winners based on how fairly women say they’re treated at their workplace. Great Place to Work measures the differences in women’s survey responses with those of their peers and assesses the impact of demographics and roles on the quality and consistency of women’s experiences.

“Congratulations to the Best Workplaces for Women and their commitment to ensuring equity for women at every level of the organization,” says Michael C. Bush, CEO of Great Place to Work. “These companies showed up for women in new ways to help them cope with challenges they face wherever they are—both inside and outside of work. Women in these companies are seen, heard, and valued.”

Great Place to Work, the global authority on workplace culture, determines its lists using its proprietary For All™ methodology to evaluate and certify thousands of organizations in America’s largest ongoing annual workforce study, based on over 1.1 million survey responses and data from companies representing more than 7 million employees this year alone.

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About the Fortune Best Workplaces for Women™

Great Place to Work selected the Best Workplaces for Women by analyzing the survey responses of over 640,000 employees who work for Great Place to Work-Certified™ companies that employ at least 50 women. Companies must also have least 20% of non-executive managers who are women, and at least one executive who’s a woman. Company rankings are derived from 60 employee experience questions within the Great Place to Work Trust Index™ survey. Great Place to Work determines its lists using its proprietary For All methodology to evaluate and certify thousands of organizations in America’s largest ongoing annual workforce study, based on over 1.1 million survey responses and data from companies representing more than 7 million employees, this year alone. Read the full methodology.


Empower Clarity and Consistency With Lattice Compensation

Pay is paramount. 

For modern companies, a strong compensation strategy can be the secret to retaining top performers and remaining successful. The evidence here isn’t just anecdotal: according to a LinkedIn study, businesses rated highly on compensation also have 56% lower attrition rates.

But setting up (and sticking to) a strong compensation strategy can be challenging. After all, it’s no secret that the traditional compensation management process is frustratingly complex, error-prone, and labor-intensive. 

At Lattice, we knew there had to be a better solution — so we built it. 

Meet Lattice Compensation

Designed to empower efficiency and equitability, Lattice Compensation helps HR teams put manual processes on autopilot and easily manage every part of the compensation review process in a secure, centralized hub. 

With Lattice Compensation, HR teams benefit from:

  • Clear compensation guidelines. Create a unified set of compensation guidelines using performance ratings, compensation ratios, and more — empowering clarity and consistency across the entire company.
  • Stronger collaboration and communication. Make compensation decisions more transparent and equitable for all. Our notes and review tools help managers, directors, and executives provide context about specific recommendations and actions.
  • Streamlined workflows. Manage every part of the compensation review process in one centralized place — finally putting spreadsheet stress in the past.

Here’s what one early adopter had to say about Lattice Compensation:

“Our compensation process to date has been largely manual and labor-intensive, with sensitive information spread across multiple platforms and spreadsheets. Lattice Compensation offered a world-class solution that consolidated all of our processes into one place, pulling in employee performance data to create a structure that allows for increased clarity and transparency around compensation cycles.” — Bill Haig, Vice President of Operations at GoodUnited

More than Compensation

Taking a look into a new feature of Lattice Compensation: easily shareable employee compensation statements designed to encourage proactive, transparent communication.

Picture this: a top performer is promoted, only to wait…and wait…and wait…for an official document communicating their new compensation package. Meanwhile, HR is stuck shouldering the time-intensive task of manually creating compensation letters for multiple employees across the organization.

Not only is this scenario aggravating for everyone involved — it’s also incredibly common. We knew there had to be a more efficient way of documenting and communicating employee compensation changes and promotions. And now it’s here. 

Built to make your life easier, our employee compensation statements help managers communicate compensation changes in real time. No more wishy washy conversations with direct reports while waiting for letters to be drafted — and no more employee confusion about what’s coming next. 

Now, managers can have meaningful comp conversations in a timely manner, equipped with all the data their reports care about seeing most. 

Try Lattice Compensation today

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Lattice Announces Lattice Connect Partner Ecosystem to Help Organizations Maximize People Success

Lattice, the leading provider of people success software that empowers business leaders to build engaged and high-performing teams and inspire winning cultures, today announced the release of Lattice Connect, a new global partner network that will help clients rapidly accelerate their people success initiatives. With new benefits and resources designed to bring more strategy, guidance, and agility to its growing ecosystem, the new network will provide a deeper and more accessible range of partner skills and solutions for clients evolving their people success strategy.

“By introducing a new partner resource center and comprehensive set of tools, companies around the world will be able to accelerate their people success programs,” said Lester Lee, Vice President of Partnerships at Lattice. “The Lattice Partner Ecosystem will empower more Lattice customers to deliver modernized people management and culture initiatives for their employees, while providing partners the opportunity to grow their business with access to more than 4,500 Lattice customers.”

“We’re partnering with Lattice to help companies around the world develop a more people-centric approach to management and culture,” said Tai Rattigan, Global Head of Partnerships at Deel. “We both want to help our customers hire the best talent across borders and set them up for success, which includes better performance management and career development for distributed teams.”

As companies strive to keep up with an ever-evolving world of work and continue to find solutions to keep their employees engaged, performing, and happy, the need for a more streamlined methodology in planning has emerged. Lattice Connect gives users the ability to find, onboard, and collaborate with the right partners based on their needs.

With the new Lattice Connect partner program, Lattice customers will be able to more easily identify and collaborate with the right pre-qualified partners across a range of technology and industry solutions – from Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) planning to hybrid work strategy. New centralized resources, including a new Lattice Partner portal and the enhanced Lattice Marketplace, will help ensure Lattice and its partners are in lockstep to quickly and efficiently deliver solutions that drive impactful results.

“We know that people, working on teams, are the drivers of business success”, said Raphael Crawford-Marks, Founder and CEO of Bonusly. “We are excited to take part in the Lattice Connect partners ecosystem to help thousands of businesses connect the dots between company performance and highly engaged teams.”

Learn more about Lattice Connect at:


Announcing the Lattice People Success Awards

Here at Lattice, we believe when employees succeed, companies succeed. In times of high growth or significant change, one thing remains the same: People are the heart and soul of your organization. People are critical to the success of any company; it’s your people who will adapt, innovate, and find new ways of working together effectively to move your organization forward.

Over the years, Lattice has worked with thousands of customers globally, and we’ve seen time and again that companies who put their people first see better business outcomes. When people succeed, businesses succeed. 

This is why Lattice calls itself the People Success Platform. And that’s why when we set out to create our first customer awards program, we called them The People Success Awards.

With these awards, we wanted to celebrate the organizations building great cultures of people success and the visionary People leaders who help employees align, engage, and motivate  to do their best work. In looking for nominees, we asked ourselves: Who are the companies and People teams who are best at using our platform to help make their people successful? 

Our finalists all have made powerful, measurable impact through their impressive People strategy initiatives. Here are the categories and also the finalists in each category:

Way to Grow Champion

Recognizes a company with the most innovative initiatives for promoting employee career development through Lattice.


Smooth Sailing Champion

Recognizes a company with the most creative strategy for onboarding its employees onto Lattice. 


Insights to Impact Champion

Recognizes a company that has applied insights taken from Lattice to improve its DEI efforts.


The Full Sweep Champion

Recognizes a company that has adopted three or more Lattice products and embodies the “better together” mentality in their people programs. 


Spreading the Word Champion

Recognizes a company that has partnered with Lattice by providing references, participating in product betas, connecting with our product teams to provide feedback, or actively collaborating with Lattice in other impactful ways.


People Success Vision of the Year

Recognizes an outstanding company disrupting the performance management space in their industry, segment, or region. 


People Success Visionary of the Year

Recognizes an outstanding people leader who is significantly influencing company strategy by innovating in people strategy practice.


These Lattice customers are what we consider to be the model citizens of enabling people success — ensure their people are experiencing the pillars that make up that feeling of success — through smart and innovative people strategies. 

We recognize and praise them for all they do and thank them for standing up these critical initiatives.

Curious who will win? We’ll announce the winners at our upcoming Resources for Humans Virtual Conference on Sept. 21, 2022 during the panel featuring our winners. RSVP now to save your spot!


Great Place to Work® and Fortune Name Lattice #2 on the 2022 Best Medium Workplaces in Technology

Lattice is excited to share that we have been included on Fortune and Great Place to Work’s 2022 list of the Best Workplaces in Technology

We’re thrilled to be ranked #2 on this list, and to see other great HR brands highlighted like Greenhouse, Ripple and Workato – underscoring the central place HR technology plays in today’s technology landscape. The tech industry is fast-moving, changeable, and constantly innovating – especially at high-growth startups like Lattice. But innovation and growth should never come at the cost of a strong, people-first culture. That has been a core belief at Lattice since our founding, and it’s why we have always held the goal of maintaining our positive culture as equally important to goals around business growth. 

“We’re thrilled at the continued recognition from Great Place to Work and Fortune around the strength of our culture,” said Cara Brennan Allamano, CPO at Lattice. “It’s something we take really seriously here at Lattice. And while this honor is great validation that we’re doing something right, it’s also an important reminder that culture can never be stagnant – we are committed to continuing to evolve to better meet employee needs and create an environment that empowers our people to thrive.” 

The Best Workplaces in Technology award is based on an analysis of survey responses from over 151,000 current employees from Great Place to Work-Certified™ companies in the tech industry. In that survey, 99% of Lattice’s employees said Lattice is a great place to work, compared to just 57% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company.

“These companies have adapted to the challenges of an ever-changing workplace by their commitment to inclusive, high-trust cultures where employees are treated as human beings first and foremost,” says Michael C. Bush, CEO of Great Place to Work. “Congratulations to the Best Workplaces in Technology.”

So far in 2022, Lattice has also ranked as a Best Workplace in the Bay Area (#1), Best Workplace for Millennials (#2), Best Medium Workplaces (#4) and as one of People’s Companies that Care (#47).

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Awards & recognition

Lattice Ranks #47 on the PEOPLE and Great Place to Work® Companies that Care®

Excited to announce another award win for the year that is especially close to our hearts: Great Place to Work and PEOPLE magazine have named Lattice as one of the 2022 PEOPLE Companies that Care! Each year, this list recognizes Great Place to Work® certified companies who stand out for how they support not only their employees but their surrounding communities as well.

Lattice has been committed to giving back to our community from our founding, with a focus on initiatives and organizations that center on diversity, inclusion and belonging in the workplace and the world. The heart of our volunteering efforts as a company is LOVE (Lattice Opportunities for Volunteering and Education), an ERG formed in 2020 and committed to investing in our communities through volunteering to drive education, environmental stability, diversity and inclusion, and more. 

Since 2019, Lattice has donated over $216K in funds and free use of our product, supporting organizations including The Innocence Project, the NAACP, Equal Justice Initiative, the Hispanic Federation, and the Asian Pacific Fund, among others. Last year, Lattice as an organization donated over $18K as part of campaigns around Black History Month, Pride Month, Asian-American History Month, and Hispanic Heritage Month through company matching donations and ERG-led efforts. We also encouraged our customer community to contribute by providing donation incentives in return for completing surveys or participating in feedback sessions.

The Companies that Care award is based on over 1 million employee survey responses and data from companies representing more than 6.1 million U.S. employees.

“At Lattice, volunteer work and giving back to the community is another way we put our beliefs and values into action as a company,” said Jamie Edwards, Global Workplace Experience Manager at Lattice. “And all of our volunteering efforts are tied closely to our employee ERGs groups and LOVE, so that the causes we support are meaningful to our people and really bring our global Lattice community together. In our new remote-forward world, we’re also increasingly focused on meeting our employees where they are – seeking out digital volunteer opportunities like online donation drives to be inclusive of Latticians wherever they’re working from.”

“Caring isn’t about being ‘nice,’” says Sarah Lewis-Kulin, vice president of global recognition at Great Place to Work. “It’s about understanding the real needs of your people, of your community and of the world—and showing up in ways that make a meaningful impact. These companies make that kind of caring for people, and even the environment, part of their daily fabric.”

Really, this award belongs to the Latticians who spearhead our volunteer efforts every day and dedicate their time and energy to give back to their communities – and we are so proud to support them in these efforts.

“As I’ve been working in tech over the last several years, I’ve learned that everyone has a set of company values. These values are usually listed on the company’s site, accompanied by great graphics- and they’re fantastic to read,” shares Kathleen Nolan-Raygoza, a recruiter here at Lattice. “However, very few companies actually dedicate time and resources to live them out, or give their employees the means to do so. Lattice truly cares about the world beyond itself. While our mission is to make work meaningful for everyone, I think a real overarching theme of working here is “be a good human, and leave it better than you found it”. I’m so thrilled to be a part of LOVE, where I can find opportunities to volunteer, get involved with causes that matter to me, and to bond with my coworkers through a shared commitment to community service!”

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Awards & recognition

Lattice Makes Inc. 5000 List of Fastest-Growing Private Companies for the 3rd Year In a Row

We’re excited to announce that today, Lattice was named to Inc. Magazine’s prestigious Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing, privately-owned companies in America for the third time, ranking 613 overall (#95 in California and #72 in Software).

This annual list represents the top .007% of companies in terms of overall business growth, and in a time of global challenges – the ongoing pandemic, supply chain issues, social and labor unrest, inflation, to name just a few – we are extremely proud of the hard work our team has done to keep Lattice growing and successful.

“The past couple of years have been incredibly volatile, and we’ve undergone a major transition from in-office to remote and hybrid work. The result is that the relationship between employees and companies has meaningfully changed, and businesses need to adopt modern, people-centric approaches to the way they do management,” said Jack Altman, CEO and co-founder of Lattice. “We’re so thrilled to be recognized on the Inc. 5000 again this year as a testament not just to our business growth, but to the critical importance of what we empower our customers to do every day: Build cultures designed around people success.” 

The Inc. 5000 is an annual review of private American companies and represents a unique look at the most successful companies within the economy’s most dynamic segment—its independent businesses. A number of industry-defining brands including Facebook, Chobani, Under Armour, Microsoft, Patagonia, and many others gained their first national exposure as honorees on the Inc. 5000.

This honor comes on the heels of Lattice making the Forbes Cloud 100 for the first time, along with other culture- and growth-focused accolades including ranking highly on Great Place to Work and Fortune’s Best Workplaces, Best Workplaces in the Bay Area, and Best Workplaces for Millennials lists.

“The accomplishment of building one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S., in light of recent economic roadblocks, cannot be overstated,” says Scott Omelianuk, editor-in-chief of Inc. “Inc. is thrilled to honor the companies that have established themselves through innovation, hard work, and rising to the challenges of today.” 

To earn a spot on the competitive list, a company must be US-based, privately held, and bring in a minimum annual revenue of $2M or more. Growth is measured in terms of revenue and employee growth – and as the HR sector has become more crowded and employee expectations around what makes up a people-centric culture continue to rise, Lattice’s continued success required dedication, collaboration, and alignment of the entire team behind a shared goal: making work meaningful. 

Lattice has had a significant year of momentum ahead of this exciting recognition: As of July, Lattice serves over 4,500 customers and has more than doubled its headcount from this time last year. Lattice closed out 2021 reporting over 110% year-over-year ARR growth, and in January 2022, the company closed its Series F fundraising round at $175 million led by Tiger Global, bringing the company valuation to more than $3 billion. 

Complete results of the Inc. 5000, including methodology, company profiles, and an interactive database that can be sorted by industry, region, and other criteria, can be found at The top 500 companies are also being featured in the September issue of Inc.

Lattice is a people management platform that enables companies to make work meaningful for their employees. Interested in learning how Lattice might benefit your company? Consult with our team or request a demo.


Welcoming Lexi Reese To Lattice’s Board

I am absolutely thrilled to announce today that Lexi Reese, who was most recently COO of Gusto, is joining Lattice’s Board of Directors. Before Gusto, Lexi was an executive at Google, Facebook, and Amex.

Lexi brings an incredible range of experiences to Lattice. Besides what you can see on paper, one of the notable things about Lexi is how structured a thinker and leader she is. She truly has a battle-tested framework for everything, a well-thought-out point of view, a relevant slide, a poignant article. Speaking personally as someone who tends to be a little bit more spontaneous in my decision-making, I feel grateful to be supported by someone like Lexi who has such depth of experience of structure of thought.

More importantly than any particular set of experiences, Lexi has an outlook on the world that I know will help us further our mission to make work meaningful. She cares deeply about the human side of work, which came through in every conversation we’ve had.

She’s also very committed to the ideas of performance and personal growth. I knew we had a match when she told me that she wanted to have a performance review plan for herself and all board members going forward. Music to my ears!

Lattice was founded on the idea that people-centric leadership is the key not only to happier employees, but more successful companies. Lexi has lived and breathed this philosophy at some of the best organizations in the world, and I’m so grateful to have her leadership on our board as Lattice enters its next stage of growth.

Awards & recognition

Lattice Recognized on the Forbes Cloud 100 for 2022

We’re thrilled to announce that Lattice has made the annual Forbes Cloud 100 for the first time this year, ranking #62 on this definitive ranking of the top 100 private cloud companies in the world. The list is published each year by Forbes in a partnership with Bessemer Venture Partners and Salesforce Ventures.

“We’re thrilled to be recognized on the Forbes Cloud 100 List for the first time this year. It’s a huge testament to the scale of the opportunity and to all the hard work our team has put into building our products and culture,” said Jack Altman, CEO and co-cofounder of Lattice. “We believe the future will be led by companies who prioritize people success, and we’re thrilled to be building a platform to help companies put their employees first. We’re grateful for all the growth we’ve had from customers who believe the same thing, and we’re excited to work hard to keep scaling with them.”

To develop the final list, the Cloud 100 team reviews submissions from hundreds of cloud startups and private companies each year. The evaluation process involved ranking companies across four factors: market leadership, estimated valuation, operating metrics, and people & culture. For the market leadership section, the Cloud 100 enlists the help of a judging panel of public cloud company CEOs who assist in evaluating and ranking their private company peers. Highlights from this year’s list will also appear in the August/September 2022 issue of Forbes magazine.

Lattice has had a significant year of momentum ahead of this exciting recognition: As of this summer, the company serves over 4,500 customers and has more than doubled its headcount from this time last year. Exiting the fourth quarter of 2021, Lattice reported over 110% year-over-year ARR growth and increased our customer base by more than 40%, including Calm, Imperfect Foods, and Article. In March of 2021, Lattice closed its Series E fundraising round, bringing the company to unicorn status, and less than 10 months later in January 2022, Lattice closed its Series F fundraising round at $175 million led by Tiger Global, bringing the company valuation to more than $3 billion. 

Lattice has also recently received accolades for its culture and teams despite a tumultuous year: The company was profiled as one of Inc’s Best Places to Work, received Stevie Awards for excellence in Sales and Customer Service, and was ranked by Great Place to Work and Fortune as the #1 Best Workplaces in the Bay Area, the #2 Best Workplaces for Millennials and #4 on the overall Best Medium Workplaces national list. 

More in the words of the team behind this year’s list…

“The companies of the Cloud 100 list represent the best and brightest private companies in this fast-growing sector,” said Alex Konrad, senior editor at Forbes. “Every year, it gets more difficult to make this list — meaning even more elite company for those who do.”

“The public markets may be in turmoil, but the private valuations of the Cloud 100 continue to rise. All of the 2022 Cloud 100 honorees, again, have reached the $1 billion valuation milestone, and the average Cloud 100 valuation has skyrocketed to $7.4 billion,” said Mary D’Onofrio, partner at Bessemer Venture Partners. “Despite the market correction in 2022, our confidence in the cloud economy continues to grow—today over 70% of the 2022 Cloud 100 Honorees have reached or exceeded $100 million in annual recurring revenue making them cloud Centaurs. An additional 10% of the list is expected to hit this milestone by the end of the year, furthering our conviction that this years’ honorees truly represent the best cloud companies globally.”

“Great companies are born out of all environments, and it’s exciting to see the continued momentum in the cloud sector,” said Alex Kayyal, Managing Partner, Salesforce Ventures. ”The companies on this list have gone through a rigorous selection process, and join an esteemed alumni list of Cloud 100 companies. As the need for digital transformation continues to drive innovation and efficiencies across industries, we can look to these companies as the absolute best in cloud computing.”

Awards & recognition

Latticed Ranks #4 On National List of Best Workplaces from Fortune and Great Place to Work® 

Lattice’s mission is to make work meaningful, and that extends to our own culture. That’s why we’re so thrilled to announce that Great Place to Work® has honored Lattice with a place on their national list of Best Medium Workplaces!

Ranking #4 on this list of companies around the country who strive to be cultural leaders underscores our people-centric approach, and we are so excited to be considered one of the best workplaces in the country: As part of our Great Place to Work Certification™, 99% of employees say Lattice is a great place to work.

To determine the Best Medium Workplaces list, Great Place to Work analyzed the survey responses of over 200,000 employees from Great Place to Work-Certified™ companies with 100 to 999 U.S. employees. 

“We recognize that as much as our culture comes from our mission, values, and benefits, it is also built and strengthened every day by our employees,” said Cara Brennan Allamano, CPO at Lattice. “Especially for a company like Lattice, where we have grown and evolved so much in the last year. I’m grateful to the Latticians who continue to consistently make this such a great place to work – this recognition really belongs to all of them.”

Lattice is continuously evaluating new ways to take care of its people and build a culture where employees are supported and empowered. In the last year, the company has rolled out 401K matching, expanded parental leave benefits, leased new office space in New York, provided financial advisory services to all employees, and expanded WFH and grocery/food stipends across the business, among other changes as the company scales and the needs of employees continue to evolve. 

The Best Medium Workplaces list is highly competitive: Fortune partnered with the people analytics firm Great Place to Work® to determine the list using their proprietary For All methodology to evaluate and certify thousands of organizations in America’s largest ongoing annual workforce study, based on over 1 million employee survey responses and data from companies representing more than 6.1 million employees this year alone.

“It’s not the size of an organization that makes it great, but how the organization treats its people,” says Michael C. Bush, CEO of Great Place to Work. “And these medium workplaces have proven that the inspiring cultures they’ve created go head-to-head with those of any large corporation. Leaders at these companies put their people first, and in return, achieve stronger business results than the average workplace.”

So far in 2022, Lattice has ranked highly as a Best Workplace for Millennials™ and was ranked #1 on the list of Best Workplaces in the Bay Area™.

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