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Lattice Launches Technology Partnership with UKG

Lattice today announced its new technology partnership with UKG, a leading provider of HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions for all people. Lattice and UKG are focused on creating better employee experiences for everyone, to drive people success and improve business outcomes. 

With this collaboration, organizations that utilize both Lattice and UKG Pro will be able to eliminate manual administration of employee records in Lattice and ensure no duplicate employee records are created, automate new hire provisioning and employee termination/resignation to Lattice, and synchronize custom attributes across applications to automate business rules and run advanced reports.

UKG solutions are developed with its Life-work Technology™ approach. Life-work Technology emphasizes people systems that inspire the workforce by enabling autonomy and flexibility, and by connecting people to their colleagues and roles with purpose. These work systems help businesses thrive by offering higher productivity, optimizing teamwork, and providing more opportunity for people to support each other and their communities.  

“At UKG, we strive to create lifelong partnerships with our customers, helping them create modern people experiences to drive better business outcomes and anticipate employee needs beyond just work,” said Mike May, Vice President of Technology Partnerships at UKG. “By cultivating a highly engaged ecosystem of technology partners, including Lattice, we’re able to help create a more seamless and empowering technology experience.” 

The integration with UKG also automatically syncs new information – like new employees, promotions, and more – adding additional insight to employee profiles. This enables managers and HR teams to see the full picture and better understand employees’ experiences at their company and removes the need to update multiple platforms.

Building an enduring company starts with a strong team. Invest in your employees with the combined benefits of full-service HR with the leading People Success Platform. To learn more about Lattice’s new integration with UKG, visit:


Lattice and TriNet Partner to Streamline HR

Maintaining clear, consistent people data helps managers and senior talent leaders unlock the power of their teams by surfacing trends, and helping to drive performance and growth.

Both Lattice and TriNet strive to empower companies to support their most important resource – the humans who work there. This integration will enable businesses to focus more time on their people and growth by providing access to a human resources solution that unites payroll, access to benefits, risk mitigation, HR expertise and a comprehensive technology platform. The collaboration is designed to help users share and manage their workforce data in real-time.

“As a mature startup with a small HR department, we consider Lattice to be an integral part of our team,”

said David J. Voorhees, Vice President of People & Culture at Recycle Track Systems.

“Having the integration of Lattice with TriNet will save us endless hours of admin work. This is a great thing as we are in growth mode with 5 to 8 new employees joining the organization each month.”

Navigating between tools increases the chance of misunderstanding or losing information. Integrating people data between TriNet and Lattice gives people leaders and managers the peace of mind knowing employee data will be aggregated without having to manually enter data across two systems. Lattice retrieves data critical to performance management, employee engagement, career development, and analytics.

The integration also allows for single sign on and automatically syncs new information, like new employees, promotions, and more, adding additional insight to employee profiles. This enables managers and HR teams to see the full picture and better understand employees’ experiences at the company as well as removing the need to update multiple platforms.

Building an enduring company starts with a strong team. Invest in your employees with the combined benefits of full-service HR with the leading People Success Platform.


Lattice Announces New Compensation Management Product Bringing Transparency to Pay Decisions

Lattice, the leading provider of people success software that empowers business leaders to build engaged and high-performing teams and inspire winning cultures, today announced the release of Lattice Compensation, a new product offering aimed at connecting performance and compensation to drive employee engagement and retention. Lattice Compensation will streamline compensation activities within a secure, centralized hub that seamlessly incorporates employee performance data, giving employees more clarity and transparency into pay decisions and empowering employers to make more equitable choices.

“When it comes to talent management and retention, compensation has always been a critical piece of the full picture,” said Cara Brennan Allamano, Chief People Officer at Lattice. “At Lattice, we want to help our customer’s power employee-centric, holistic People strategies – and Lattice Compensation is a natural evolution of that mission, bringing new levels of efficiency, clarity and ease to a historically complex, error-prone, and labor-intensive process for HR teams.” 

A convergence of factors – including a shift in the labor market, increasingly distributed workforces, and rising inflation – are driving changing expectations around compensation transparency from employees while companies continue to focus on effectively managing employee pay. To stay competitive while navigating an uncertain economic environment, companies will need to execute dynamic compensation strategies that enable them to be flexible and reward top performers, while also including checks and guidance that ensure compensation practices are equitable, clear, and data-driven.

Lattice Compensation helps People teams make manual processes and complicated spreadsheets a thing of the past. By streamlining the setup and launch of compensation cycles and creating trackable workflows that seamlessly pull performance data, pay decisions become more equitable and data-informed than ever before. It also allows organizations, teams, and leaders to set compensation guidelines using performance ratings, compensation ratios, and more — empowering clarity and consistency across the entire company. 

“Our compensation process to date has been largely manual and labor-intensive, with sensitive information spread across multiple platforms and spreadsheets,” said Bill Haig, Vice President of Operations at GoodUnited. “Lattice Compensation offered a world-class solution that consolidated all of our processes into one place, pulling in employee performance data to create a structure that allows for increased clarity and transparency around compensation cycles.”

By gathering data on company pay bands, team budgets, and more into one intuitive tool, Lattice Compensation will also provide managers and team leads with the information they need to make and communicate pay decisions with transparency, which is increasingly important to employees in the new world of work. 

Lattice Compensation works within the wider Lattice platform and is designed to pull relevant data directly, drawing clear connections between employee performance and compensation and powering a more holistic approach to People strategy. 

“Having Lattice Compensation as part of the overall product of Lattice tools really ties everything together,” said Dan Smolkin, Head of People Operations at Aurora Solar. “As we’re talking about an employee’s journey with the company, being able to tie compensation in as another part of the product really helps drive everything home.”

Learn more about Lattice’s new Compensation product and join the early access program here. You can also learn more about how to evolve your compensation strategy here and in the Lattice library.


Fortune and Great Place to Work® Name Lattice One of the 2022 Best Workplaces for Millennials™, Ranking #2

We’re excited to share that Lattice has been ranked #2 on Fortune and Great Place to Work’s 2022 Best Workplaces for Millennials list! 

Great Place to Work measured the differences in over 413,000 Millennials’ survey responses to those of other generations from their ongoing annual workforce study of over 1 million employee survey responses; data from these companies represent more than 6.1 million U.S. employees. In that survey, 99% of Lattice’s employees said that Lattice is a great place to work – and we are extremely proud that this is reflected in the happiness of our Millennial employees as well.

“As one of the largest and most diverse cohorts currently in the workforce, millennials have also been found to be among the least engaged employees,” said Maurice Bell, Head of People Operations at Lattice. “From how we build our platform to the ways we take care of our people, Lattice has always made it a part of our mission to create a positive culture for all employees – that’s why this recognition is so important, as it shows us we’re moving in the right direction with such a critical cohort of workers.” 

The Best Workplaces for Millennials list is highly competitive; Great Place to Work, the global authority on workplace culture, selected the list using rigorous analytics and confidential employee feedback. Companies were only considered if they are a Great Place to Work-Certified™ organization. 

“These companies value their millennial workers by showing genuine care, flexibility and purpose in ways that matter to this generation,” says Michael C. Bush, CEO of Great Place to Work. “They expect company values to be lived by their leaders, which, in turn, elicits their loyalty and trust. Congratulations to the Best Workplaces for Millennials for their hard work.”  

In June, Lattice was also ranked #1 on Fortune and Great Place to Work’s Best Workplaces in the Bay Area. Interested in joining Lattice and checking out our award-winning culture for yourself? Check out our Careers page.

Lattice Life

“It was love at first sight. No questions:” Courtney Dunn on Finding Her Path at Lattice

Courtney Dunn is a Senior Customer Care Associate at Lattice, where she has worked for over 2 years. Here, we talk to her about her journey to the Customer Care team, her favorite part of working at Lattice, how Lattice helped her grow in her career, and so much more.

How did you get started in Customer Care?

My story actually starts with Sales! Shout out to another stellar team. I transitioned from the perspective of “Here’s why you should get to know Lattice!” to “Let me help you understand what Lattice does.” The Customer Care perspective allows me to get closer to the product itself which is more of my particular interest.  

What drew you to Lattice?

I came across Lattice through my previous company. I first understood its value as an end-user when we had our first review cycle using the software. Then, fast forward to the interview and interacting with everyone in person at the time — it was love at first sight. No questions.

I wanted to be a part of the team and the mission the company was looking to accomplish. 

What’s your favorite part of working here?

The people, enough said. As we continued to have rapid growth during COVID, I became more and more impressed by how Lattice has made a tremendous effort to keep us as connected as possible. While I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting everyone just yet, those I have come across all seem like the perfect puzzle piece to keep this puzzle going. It’s been fun.

The swag is also pretty nice too, just saying. 

What ERGs are you a member of?

I am currently a part of the Women of Lattice, LOUD, and PRIDE ERGs. Each is very different in its own right, but all support empowerment in the community it serves. There are fundraisers, charitable donations that are matched by the company, guest speakers that represent and make an impact on the community they are uplifting, swag that narrates and provides representation for the ERG, and more.

There are multiple avenues, outlets, and channels to feel like you are connected and can make an impact, even if just as an ally. 

Favorite Lattice Slack Channel and why?

I no longer have my pups, but I occasionally need my fix of some fluff idealization so #soc-dogs-of-lattice brings a smile to my face every time. 

What’s something you’re passionate about outside of your job?

I am still actively involved with sports and basketball. I still continue to mentor and teach the youth when I’m not at work.

How do you think Lattice has helped you grow in your career?

Transitioning from Sales to the Customer Care team is already growth in itself. Currently, I am working with my manager to help me continue down my career path with a transition to the Engineering team as my end goal.

The Lattice Grow tool has allowed me to get visibility into tracks associated with the role and how I can work my way towards it as a goal. Additionally, as a Senior Associate on our Customer Care team, I get exposure to other Engineers at the company while working on cross-functional projects. This has given me the opportunity to build relationships with other Engineers to help guide me on my path of becoming an Engineer. 

Best day at work?

Biased, but my first day was pretty memorable! I have never felt so welcomed by a company in my life. I also never had so many coffee chats in one day as well.

Back then, you could expense your coffee to meet the new kid in town. It was a great way to connect and bond with your new coworkers with a little flair and an excuse to walk and get outside. It was so refreshing.

Cheez-Its or Goldfish?

I love both here, but if I had to choose: Cheez-Its.

Why? Because I think Cheez-Its pack a little more flavor on the cheddar. I am all about the cheese taste and it’s much stronger on the Cheez-Its side. We can get down to the extra cheddar editions, and Cheez-Its will always come out the winner.

Lattice works with People teams across the globe to turn managers into leaders, employees into high-performers, and companies into the best places to work. Interested in joining our team? Check our Careers page for all open positions across a variety of departments.