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Announcing Lattice Goals and Lattice Compensation: Bridging the Gap Between People Operations and Business Operations

Lattice is on a mission to make work meaningful. We empower People Teams across the globe to turn employees into high performers, managers into leaders, and companies into the best places to work. This week, Lattice is thrilled to announce that we are expanding our platform with new Goals and Compensation products so that HR teams can align their people around their company’s strategic priorities as well as recognize and equitably reward employees for their work. 

Through our experience working with thousands of companies, we know firsthand that there’s tremendous power in connecting the work we do to the value it drives for our organization. But in order for us to see the impact of our work as individuals, we need to be able to connect our work to the broader business strategy of our organization, and we want our organization to celebrate and reward us for our efforts. 

Lattice Goals enables business leaders to align their people around their company’s strategic priorities and activate every employee to execute against them. These new capabilities help companies bridge the gap between people operations and business operations by making OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) more human. 

Today, we’re introducing innovative new features to Lattice Goals that drive value across the entire company from the C-Suite to the frontlines, purpose-built for OKRs.

  • Integrations with Jira and Salesforce: Connect your goals and OKRs to mission-critical systems like Salesforce and Jira so your progress measurement and reporting stay up to date in real-time without the need for manual updating.
  • Actionable Goals Home and Explore pages: Get frictionless goal setting, measurement, tracking, and achievement all on an elevated surface with seamless actions right in the sidebar. 
  • Advanced controls for operationalizing goals: Enable a streamlined goal-setting 
process that runs on your company’s schedule using Goal Cycles. With automated Timeperiods, Lattice will build your Goal Cycles for you and move from one to the next automatically. And with Weighted Goals, you can accurately reflect and measure your company’s priorities by importance across the entire organization.
  • Reporting power tools for managers and business leaders: New reporting dashboards help managers and business leaders report on goal status and identify where they can take action to keep the company on track.
  • Premium OKR Services Package from Lattice Advisory Services: Your business is complex, but rolling out Objectives and Key Results shouldn’t be. Lattice Advisory Services has experts to help you roll out your OKR program with confidence. 

With all of these updates along with our already strong foundation, Lattice Goals is taking operational goals to a new level. Zach Wright, Strategy Staff Executive and Head of Sales Operations at Qumu told us “With the help of Lattice, OKRs create hyperfocus that transcends through our whole organization.” Discover more about Lattice Goals or how we activate Lattice customers with OKRs here

While Goals will help employees align their work success with business success, how do we help those employees feel recognized for that success?

We know that recognizing and celebrating individuals for their work leads to increased satisfaction, productivity, and decreased turnover. Recognition comes in many forms like public praise or awards, increased responsibility and, of course, compensation. But employees aren’t just looking out for themselves, they want to know their colleagues and friends are also being rewarded for their work 

In today’s competitive market,  People teams need compensation strategies that provide flexibility to attract and reward top performers while including checks and guidance that ensure your compensation practices are equitable and aren’t perpetuating bias.

That’s why Lattice is thrilled to announce that we will be expanding our platform next summer with Lattice Compensation, providing new tools that support compensation decision-making and communication. Our forthcoming product will streamline the compensation process, integrate with performance data, and provide insight into pay trends across the company.  HR teams will be able to manage their compensation review process in a centralized, secure hub and seamlessly integrate an employee’s performance information into the decision-making process. Managers and company leaders will have more insight into individual and team-wide pay trends as well as more context to navigate salary conversations with direct reports. Employees will be able to view their own compensation information directly in Lattice.


Lattice Expands Internationally as People Strategy Becomes Key Differentiator in the New World of Work

Today, Lattice is thrilled to announce our expansion to Europe. As part of our international growth plan, we’ll be opening a new corporate office in London which plans to hire 50-70 local team members across all go-to-market and support functions, including several executive roles, within the next year. We’re planning an investment of $110 million in the local region over the next 10 years.

“It has always been our mission to help people everywhere make work meaningful.
Today, on the heels of achieving some exciting business growth, we’re thrilled to be able to double down on that promise to continue to support the HR and People leaders on a global scale,” said Jack Altman, CEO of Lattice.

Before having a formal presence in Europe, Lattice served a growing portfolio of close to 400 international customers, which comprised over 12% of the company’s total revenue. Our new team will offer stronger regional support to existing customers and partners across Europe,an important and growing part of the business. This increase speaks to the continued trend of investment in employee-centric solutions to retain, engage, and develop employees in the new world of work.

“The balance of power in talent markets has shifted dramatically over the past few years and employees now have more choice than ever on where to work and who to work for,” said Brennan O’Donnell, Partner at Frontline Ventures, a Lattice Series E round investor. “Lattice is leading the way on what it means to build an employee-centric company for the cross-border and post-pandemic world of work.”

The increased momentum and focus on employee experience reflect the escalating demand for businesses to re-examine their people management and engagement processes. Deloitte’s European Human Capital Trends Report found that 54% of leaders are reimagining work processes moving forward, a figure up from only 28% prior to COVID-19. More companies are re-evaluating outdated people practices in an effort to better understand their employees’ performance and engagement, as well as foster their development and growth.

This strategic change is catalyzing a significant shift across HR. A survey of Chief Human Resource Officers at some of Europe’s largest organizations, by McKinsey & Company, found over 98% were thinking about how HR can shift from mechanistic skill and talent management to addressing the employee experience in a more targeted, dynamic way.

We’re excited to continue to build our community of HR and People leaders internationally and look forward to the new opportunities our European headquarters provides. 

“With the UK representing one of our most important markets, we’re excited to partner with an established performance and engagement management tool like Lattice,” said Samantha Richards, Country Manager UK/I at Personio, European HR software provider and Lattice partner. “The integration will enhance our all-in-one HR solution and further help European SMEs to improve employee performance, engagement, and development, ultimately driving their business forward.”