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Leveraging Machine Learning to Better Understand Employee Performance: Introducing Lattice Sentiment Analysis

More often than not, the most actionable data about your people hide deep within free-text comment responses. In context of Performance Reviews, it’s hard to learn everything from ratings — insights from employees’ comments, and deeper context about performance allows for meaningful action. But analyzing every review by yourself at a large organization is arduous, if not impossible. 

We know you don’t have time to read every single review response — so that’s why Lattice Sentiment Analysis is here to help do it for you — instantly. Sentiment Analysis continuously analyzes open-ended comments so you can uncover insights that scores don’t and learn what impacts performance from your employees’ own words.

With Lattice Sentiment Analysis, you can:

Uncover Hidden Insights: Sentiment Analysis automatically tags every open-ended response with a sentiment score, so you can identify discrepancies, patterns, and problems faster than ever to drive more informed action.

Connect Sentiment to Performance for Deeper Actionable Insights: Understand how employee sentiment and employee performance are linked for even richer insights and better business decisions.

Go Beyond Performance Ratings: Lattice’s NLP engine leverages leading artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to provide the most accurate and rapid sentiment tagging possible, so you can leverage all of your performance data to listen, learn, and take action.

Want to learn more about Sentiment Analysis? Head over to our webpage or get in touch with our team.


Lattice Raises $25m Series C to Continue Empowering People Leaders to Develop High-Performing Teams

San Francisco — Lattice, the people management platform, announced $25 million in Series C funding today in a round led by Tiger Global. This round comes on the heels of the strongest quarter in company history, more than doubled user counts since the beginning of the year, and its funding in April, which the company is using to further accelerate its category-leading growth. 

Lattice’s platform helps people leaders build high-performing teams by equipping managers with tools to drive growth and productivity through continuous performance management. Lattice also provides People teams with insights to act on real-time engagement feedback that drive company-wide impact. Since its launch in 2016, Lattice has quickly built a customer base of over 1,400 leading companies including Slack, Glossier, Reddit, Cruise, and Coinbase. 

Employee performance drives business success and employee engagement is the key to continuous performance. When employees are engaged, they are more productive, stay longer, treat customers better and more willing to go the extra mile for the business. But the majority of employees are not engaged at work. While the polls vary — Harvard Business Review says only 16% of employees are engaged, whereas Gallup puts the number closer to 34% — it’s clear that the majority of employees are not engaged at work and this impacts their ability to perform. 

By creating processes to provide real-time feedback and coaching, managers are able to drive their employees’ performance, engagement, and growth through Lattice. “People development is crucial to any business’ success but especially important for Take-Two, where the competition is fierce to attract the world’s best talent,” said Take-Two’s Senior Director of People & Development, Jessica Jacobson, “Lattice has helped us build a stronger people management program that empowers managers to give employees the feedback they need to grow their careers, and ultimately build a culture that attracts and retains top talent.”

Lattice’s secret to building continuous people management programs is by incorporating feedback into the daily lives of employees. Lattice’s integration with Slack has proven to be extremely effective in driving feedback across an organization. It’s so effective that Slack has adopted Lattice as its core people management solution. Going a step further to emphasize the importance of feedback, Lattice has recently released its praise wall feature,  which creates  a space for feedback in the physical space of an organization . Now companies can actually feature employee wins on displays around the office, making top-performers feel valued. 

While most employees don’t love HR platforms, it’s clear that Lattice’s approach has started to change their minds. On the independent review site, G2 Crowd — where Lattice holds the #1 ranking in both highest rated and easiest-to-use categories —  real employees describe Lattice as “great for employee connection,” an “amazing tool for employee growth” and “easy to use.” (Read the reviews here)

With this new round of funding, Lattice will invest in product development to continue giving people leaders more solutions to develop engaged, high-performing teams. “We’ve seen tremendous traction in connecting performance and engagement software and the value that this connection provides to People leaders in both understanding why employees are not engaged, but also giving them the tools to drive people management across the organization,” said Jack Altman, CEO and Co-Founder of Lattice, “Now we’re looking into ways to empower people leaders to really help employees manage their career growth. When companies are able to align employee growth with company growth, everyone wins.” 

About Lattice

Lattice is the people management platform that enables People Leaders to develop engaged, high-performing teams. By combining continuous performance management and employee engagement in one solution, HR and People teams get powerful, real-time analytics that lead to actionable insights turning managers into leaders, employees into high-performers, and companies into the best places to work.

Based in San Francisco, Lattice serves over 1,400 customers around the world likeSlack, Glossier, Cruise, and Reddit and is backed by Tiger Global, Shasta Ventures, Thrive Capital, Khosla Ventures, Y Combinator, and Slack Fund.


About Tiger Global

Tiger Global Management, LLC is an investment firm that focuses on private and public companies in the global Internet, software, consumer, and payments industries.


Lattice Raises $25 Million Series C from Tiger Global to Further Its Mission to Make Work Meaningful

Today we announced our $25M Series C led by Tiger Global. You can read all about it in our press release or on TechCrunch, but we wanted to take an opportunity to talk a little bit about why Lattice exists. 

Earlier this year, we unveiled Lattice’s new mission to our internal team: “To Make Work Meaningful.” We wanted this to be a constant reminder of who we build for and serve every day: you, our customers and our users. 

Lattice helps companies build engaged, high-performing teams. Our customers have rebuilt performance management processes, made space for feedback loops that otherwise would not exist, and transformed company cultures — all centered around their employees.

On a more personal level, we help everyone who uses Lattice to find meaning and do their absolute best work. Chris Yeh, one of our early customers, said:

“At Clio, we endeavour to build a truly human and high-performing workplace, where everyone can do the best work of their lives. Lattice is a key part of facilitating this culture by being our one-stop-shop for all things performance development. Clions thrive through real-time appreciation, effortless feedback, and meaningful 1-on-1s – Lattice enables us to do all of those.”

We’ve built a product that helps our customers create best-in-class employee experiences. In combining performance management and employee engagement software, we’ve realized that this connection provides People leaders with the value of both better understanding why employees are engaged while also equipping them with the tools to help drive continuous people management across the organization. So far this year, we’ve integrated Lattice where employees already work — through our mobile app, Slack integration, and Praise Wall. We’ve further empowered People Leaders with analytics dashboards and released Lattice Pulse which will give organizations real-time insights about their workforce — and we’re just getting started. 

Lattice’s Future 

This round is yet another milestone in an already exciting year at Lattice. We’ve grown to over 1,400 customers, doubled the number of users on the platform, and risen to the #1 rated performance management platform. As a company, we’re now 105 employees, moved into a new office this summer, all after raising our Series B earlier this year. 

Lattice’s growth wouldn’t be possible without all of our amazing customers and the support of the Resources for Humans community. It’s with your feedback and support that we’re able to build a product that brings continuous people management to more organizations. With this new round of funding, we’re going to invest deeper into product development to help our customers continue to invest in and grow their people.

– The Lattice Team