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Lattice Raises $15 Million Series B From Shasta Ventures

We’ve got some exciting news to share! Lattice has raised $15 million in Series B funding, led by Shasta and joined by Thrive and Khosla Ventures. We’ve come a long way since we started in spring 2016, but there’s a lot more ahead of us than behind us.

We’ve always believed that great company cultures are a meaningful competitive advantage. When a company’s culture is strong, employees are more productive, they stay longer, and business operations are more aligned toward the organization’s objectives. Healthier cultures also simply means happier people.

Lattice started out as a performance management platform. We built modern tools so companies could build better practices around employee feedback, performance reviews, goal setting, and general people management. We called this set of products Lattice Performance.

Last year we got started on our second product area, Lattice Engagement. A team spent the better part of a year building employee engagement surveys to help companies understand how their employees are feeling at a detailed level.

As we’ve added more products to our suite of people management tools, we’ve seen compounding benefits for our customers. Insights become richer when fueled by data across the employee lifecycle, employees get a unified experience, and we can provide better software at a lower cost.

Today we proudly serve well over 1,000 customers and we’re starting to see the power of connecting all these different aspects of people management.

As we look ahead with a fresh round of funding our aspiration to build the first complete people management platform remains unchanged. You can expect to see us continue to ship great new products that extend and build upon our existing suite.

This capital will allows us to accelerate as we build the first unified people management platform. We’ve got a team of thoughtful, caring, and ambitious humans, and we’re doubling the team this year(we’re hiring!).

On behalf of all of us at Lattice, we want to give a big thanks to our customers, partners, investors, and families for all the support along the way. We can’t wait for what’s next!

– Jack and Eric


Lattice raises $15m to help People Leaders develop engaged and high-performing teams

San Francisco — Lattice, the people management platform, announced $15 million in Series B funding today. The round was led by Shasta Ventures with participation from existing investors, including Thrive Capital, Khosla Ventures, and Y Combinator.

The consumerization of enterprise software is a well-known trend; employees expect the software they use at work to feel good and work well. Lattice has been at the forefront of this trend in People Management, replacing inflexible once-a-year performance review and survey software with a more modern platform and approach.

Lattice enables People Leaders to develop engaged, high-performing teams and uncover actionable insights about their workforce. When people are more engaged, they perform at a higher level, and when people succeed, they become more invested in their work. Lattice powers the virtuous cycle that turns employees into high-performers, managers into leaders, and companies into the best places to work.

Katelin Holloway, VP of People & Culture at Reddit, says Lattice is leading this change, “Lattice supports each of us to focus on doing our best work and not be burdened with clunky systems that subscribe to outdated notions of performance management. The need for software that can do what Lattice does has already made itself apparent; companies everywhere are searching for something flexible, smart, and intuitively designed to enable the right conversations and drive performance within organizations.”

Lattice equips managers and their teams with the tools they need to consistently grow, achieve, and stay engaged like transparent Goals and OKR tracking, 1-on-1s, Reviews, and Real-Time Feedback. “Not only has the software supported our performance management frameworks, says Holloway, “its proven itself to be a critical component to how managers and teams work together, and I am grateful for a tool that empowers our People team to be more strategic.”

Holloway and Reddit are not alone. Lattice works with People teams at 1,200+ companies including Slack, Glossier, Coinbase and Cruise and has helped turn these companies’ approach to performance management and employee engagement into a competitive edge.

Increasing employee adoption of HR software

With this latest round of funding, Lattice plans to invest in product development, continuing to build more solutions that help People Leaders foster strong performance, deeply understand employee engagement, and uncover the connections between the two.

Jack Altman, Lattice’s CEO and co-founder, sees a new world of HR software emerging, “One of the most powerful innovations in HR software has been the unification and simplification of administrative work; tying together payroll, benefits, and core HR has been a major time saver for HR teams. We see that same opportunity on the employee-facing side; a unified system where performance, engagement, on-boarding, learning, and more are connected in a seamless and powerful experience. The key result of these products will not just be saved time, but more engaged and productive employees.”

Altman and Lattice believe the future state of HR technology will be two core solutions: a back-office HRIS system of record and a people management system of engagement that employees interact with frequently. User reviews from G2 Crowd show that Lattice is fulfilling its objective to build engaging HR software that employees love to use.

Building a winning culture starts with Lattice

Lattice has become the industry standard for companies who prioritize building high-performing and engaged teams. Doug Pepper, who led the round from Shasta Ventures and joined Lattice’s board, highlights how the market has changed: “The core of our investment thesis is that company culture is increasingly becoming a competitive advantage, which is why software like Lattice is necessary. We were thrilled when we saw that they live this themselves, and we believe they are well positioned to lead this movement.”

Lattice itself strives to model the balance between strong growth and a healthy organization. In the past year, the company became cash-flow positive, doubled its headcount, and added over 700 new customers. Beyond the business results, Jack sees the company’s mission as deeply human, “We spend so much of our time at work, and we give so much of our mental and emotional energy there. The more Lattice can make work a fulfilling experience, the more impact we can have on human happiness.”


Bring more actionable feedback, praise, and awareness to everyday conversations: Introducing Lattice + Slack

Performance management can feel like extra work. Frequently, employees need multiple reminders to fill out a performance review, forget to give each other feedback, and never set goals. Employees want to use HR software that feels and works like the apps they use in the rest of their lives — this dynamic exists at every organization.

If your team is like Slack’s, or any of their millions of users, you are living in the Slack app every day. Starting right now, you won’t ever need to leave Slack to give your teammates feedback and praise, turn on a constant stream of recognition, or give helpful nudges to your team when they need to do something for you (like write that peer review).

Today – we’re launching Lattice + Slack to bring more actionable feedback, praise, and employee awareness to everyday conversations.

Give feedback & praise without ever leaving Slack

Lattice makes it easy to embed real-time feedback and praise into the app you already use the most. Employees can give each other feedback anywhere in Slack. The feedback gets stored in Lattice for future conversations, 1-on-1’s, or Reviews, and if Public Praise, also posted to a public channel.

Turn on a constant stream of recognition

Recognize employee wins by creating a praise channel for your team. Praise given from Slack or Lattice gets posted in both places, giving employees the flexibility to celebrate wins with each other wherever they work best.

Real-time notifications, no inbox bloat

With Lattice + Slack, performance review notifications get pushed directly into Slack, so more employees complete their reviews, without the “ACTION REQUIRED” email fatigue. This builds on our existing notification systems like goal progress and public updates, which help teams foster more transparency.

The bottom line

Lattice + Slack won’t just increase adoption of performance management processes — these tools have the power to transform organizations. When employees understand what they need to work on, get the feedback they need to get better, and feel recognized for their hard work, employees stay longer and are more productive. When all of this happens in places they work all the time, businesses benefit.

Ready to get started? Follow these instructions to add the Lattice App to your Slack.

This is just the beginning, and we’re excited to continue our partnership with Slack to help build the future of work. Interested in seeing how Lattice helps you get more out of Slack and develops high-performing and engaged teams? Book a demo to learn more.