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Onboard your team with Zenefits

HR software is fragmented. People operations teams use a wide range of products across the lifecycle of an employee, from the day they join to the day they leave. The challenge is that companies are often left with an arsenal of products that don’t talk to each other, so things can quickly become out of date and hard to manage.

At Lattice, we’re building a modern performance management system that makes HR’s life easy. Part of accomplishing that goal is making sure we talk to their systems of employee record, which is why we’re excited to announce that, starting today, users of Zenefits’ new Z2 HR App Experience can now import their entire organization into Lattice with a single click.

To setup the integration in Lattice

Go to your company settings page, scroll to integrations, and click “Sync with Zenefits.” We’ll take care of the rest.

To setup the integration in Zenefits

  1. Login to your Zenefits dashboard
  2. Within your apps, click on “+Add an App”.
  3. Find Lattice and authorize Lattice to access your Zenefits account
  4. Sign on to your Lattice account

After the sync is complete, your Lattice org chart will automatically update based on the information in Zenefits — new hires will appear, and people leaving the company will be removed.

We want to make it as easy as possible to keep your employee record and performance management systems in sync, and we’re thrilled to take a step in this direction by integrating with Zenefits.


Meet Lattice Reviews

We’re incredibly excited to announce that Lattice has launched Performance Reviews. We see this as a big step forward towards our mission of helping people reach their full potential at work.

Performance management is changing

Over the past several years, the standard for performance management has evolved. Today’s employees expect their companies to be transparent, have clear objectives, and to provide them with frequent feedback and paths for career growth. These things aren’t just what individual employees want, they’re pillars of good management that help companies thrive.

Companies are moving away from annual performance review towards a more dynamic, transparent, and continuous system for performance management. It isn’t just tech companies that are evolving; Deloitte, GE, Gap, and countless others have made the transition in recent years too.

The standards for people operations and performance management have changed, and we’re building Lattice to help support the new way of the world.

Adding performance reviews to Lattice

We launched goal management in May, weekly check-ins in June, and now we’re thrilled to announce the next key part of our offering: customizable performance reviews.

After speaking with dozens of people operations leaders, we had clear objectives for our product. For administrators, the product needed to be simple and highly customizable. For employees, it needed to be engaging and easy to fill out.

We believe that helping employees give each other more frequent feedback will lead to happier, more productive teams. Here’s what we built.

How Lattice Reviews work

We designed a step by step experience that makes it straightforward (and hopefully even a little enjoyable) to do performance reviews.

  1. Create:Select the type of review and customize your questions (or use the Lattice template).
  2. Run:Send a kickoff email and launch the review cycle. We provide a dashboard for you to track progress and a nudge button so you can encourage employees to finish their reviews.
  3. Report:View high level data from the review in a beautiful PDF and then share the individual review packets with managers.

Here’s a quick overview of how Lattice Reviews works:

We’re excited by the positive impact that more frequent feedback conversations will have on the employees and their companies, and we can’t wait for people to try Lattice Reviews.

To get started, sign up here: